Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Cardmaker's Guide to the Galaxy

Happy Towel Day, you hoopy froods!

To those of you who have been following my happenings on the various forms of social media, you will know that The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has provided me with much inspiration for my cards.

 My first card was inspired by those big friendly letters inscribed on the back of the guide. I think I got the idea from some original graphics but I could be totally wrong. I simply used paper to create the quote. 

My other cards came from some of the memorial quotes from the book. I created paper pieced images and used word to write the quotes by hand. While the first three follow a similar design and are self explanatory, those who aren't as familiar with the books of the radio series might not recognise the last card. It is taken from the fourth book, So Long and Thanks for all the Fish. One of my favourite scenes from the book is when Arthur and Fenchurch fly above the clouds and into the night. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Manchester United

A couple of entries ago, I mentioned Manchester United cards. I was asked by one of the girls in my hall to make cards of more or less the whole football squad and was my biggest commission to date. She gave me a list of the players she wanted and pointed me in the direction of the Manchester United website. For those who can't guess, she is a massive United fan. 
I tried to make them as simple as possible - 25 cards was more than enough without making them extra complicated! I used red card for the shirts and added detail using my trusty white pencil and black pen. The football was an extra touch - just black pen on white card.
Things did however get complicated when I realised that there were two number 20's. I'm by no means a football expert or even a fan but even I know that there is only one of each number on a team. It turns out that Fabio doesn't play for United at the moment and was playing in his number for Queen's Park Rangers while van Persie is using his number for the reds. Who knew? This of course meant I had to make a third style of shirt to cater for that little problem. After that, it was all straight forward and just a case of getting them all stuck down, photographed and wrapped. 

* I guess at this point that I should write a disclaimer: the cards made by me do not necessarily represent my views! Don't want to be loosing potential customers because they support Man City or Liverpool!!