Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Crafting in the Sunshine

Today, I was left with a dilemma. I don't know how the weather's been where you are, but here, it's be gorgeous. I have also just finished all of my university work so I have nothing to do except chill out. My dilemma was this: enjoy the sunshine, as I should seeing as the sun is rarely seen in the UK, let alone Manchester; or, spend the afternoon making cards. In the end I decided that if I couldn't bring the sunshine into my room, I would take my craft stash out to the sunshine. So, grabbing my beach towel and my kit and went and sat out in the garden at the front of my uni digs. 
 Overall, I had a rather pleasant and productive afternoon. The six cards I made today included an anniversary card for my parents, a new baby card (made using some of my German stash) and another card made using recycled materials, this time a Flake Easter egg box. 

 I was particularly pleased with the butterflies card. I had seen cards using little butterfly embellishments and only attaching the body of the butterfly to the card, leaving the wings stood up from the front, almost as if it was about to fly away. For the two butterflies, I used peel-offs on some patterned paper and then cut out the shape. I actually use foam pads to stick them to the card to really make them stand out. The smaller butterflies were made using a shaped punch and there were some other peel-offs as well. All that was left to do after that was glue a nice piece of paper to the front and add a message. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Blooms and Blokes

A while ago, when reading the latest issue of my card making magazine, I came across a letter from a fellow crafter. She was writing about how she had mixed two things which aren't generally put on the same card: men and flowers. But, as the picture that accompanied the letter showed, she pulled it off.

So, I set myself a small challenge, to do as she had done and add a floral flourish to my male cards, whether that be a small flower embellishment or a strip of flowery paper.  I get it isn't exactly a massive bunch of flowers on the front of the card but it's something. 
The first card was for a school friend. I had actually used some wrapping paper down the side and found some matching paper to make the present. I then added the little blue flower just to be a bit different (instead of the typical bow). I still am quite pleased with how that one came out.
The other card was for a family friend who is very much into his photography.n I've used the silhouette camera on other cards and come up with some other designs as well but that's for next time . . . .

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Yesterday afternoon saw me having a slightly odd conversation about divorcement cards. I had just before posted some pictures of new cards on to the Facebook page and it was suggested that the card I had made could also be adapted for a divorcement. The idea was to put a jagged red line between the bride and groom.
I wasn't the design suggestion that was odd, but the type of card. I've got to be honest here but I had never heard of or seen a card with the sentiment 'congratulations on you divorce' or even 'sorry to hear about your divorce'. But I have been told that they do exist. I guess my ignorance may have something to do with not knowing anyone going through a divorce (lucky me).
Having had a quick look on GoogleImages before writing, it seems there are two types of divorcement cards: humorous or sympathetic. 
Maybe it would be worth looking into? Definitely unusual anyway. 
Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Post a comment below or check out the card in question here.
Personally, I'm still not sure what to think of it.