Monday, 14 May 2012

Blooms and Blokes

A while ago, when reading the latest issue of my card making magazine, I came across a letter from a fellow crafter. She was writing about how she had mixed two things which aren't generally put on the same card: men and flowers. But, as the picture that accompanied the letter showed, she pulled it off.

So, I set myself a small challenge, to do as she had done and add a floral flourish to my male cards, whether that be a small flower embellishment or a strip of flowery paper.  I get it isn't exactly a massive bunch of flowers on the front of the card but it's something. 
The first card was for a school friend. I had actually used some wrapping paper down the side and found some matching paper to make the present. I then added the little blue flower just to be a bit different (instead of the typical bow). I still am quite pleased with how that one came out.
The other card was for a family friend who is very much into his photography.n I've used the silhouette camera on other cards and come up with some other designs as well but that's for next time . . . .