Thursday, 24 January 2013

Digital Cards

My Final Design
It's a little bit late into the New Year to be posting Christmas cards but I wanted to share a special project that my mum commissioned. She wanted to send very simple Christmas cards out to friends and family this year and asked me to design one. As it was to be mass produced, my only option was to use my computer to design a digital card. Having never really done anything like this on a semi-professional level before was exciting and a little be challenging, so with my trusty sketchbook in hand, I made a start designing it.
Mum had wanted a simple dove on the front of the card so first things first, I had to try and draw one that didn't look too odd - birds have never been my strong point! I was able to scan it in and get it onto Photoshop  to edit it and make it look pretty. The great thing I found about making digital cards, is that you don't have to worry about finding the right design first time. There is a wonderful thing called the undo button! I was also able to come up with a few designs and email them onto mum so that she could pick the one she liked the most. She was then able to get them printed. The money she saved from buying cards was then donated to the flood relief fund as my area was hit pretty bad by the flooding in November.

Don't worry though! I am still sticking to my handmade cards but that option is available for mass produced cards - my mum sends a LOT of Christmas cards!