Monday, 11 March 2013

Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me . . . .

Can't believe its been twelve whole months since I walked into my JCR and self consciously set up my cards at my first ever stall. I had no idea how to go about setting it all up but excitement took over and I spent the whole evening stood behind the little table getting a buzz every time someone bought a card.

I've gained so much experience over the last year though I've still got so much to learn about running a business. My first craft fair was in November at the Victoria Baths so it seems appropriate that I got an e-mail about the two fairs coming up this year! Really looking forward to them.

As what seems to be a birthday present, I have just got an extra big order from one of the girls in my halls. She is a massive Man Utd fan and has requested what seems to be nearly the whole team! Looking forward to working on this project and I will make sure to post all about it - even if it means loosing some readers. 

Also, to celebrate, head on over to my Facebook page where I'm having a give-away. All you have to do is like my page and leave a comment under the status. I will be picking a name at random at the end of the day and . . .well, I'll let you find out what you could win!