Sunday, 9 September 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Despite having a hectic week ahead of me - uni work (already!), packing to go back on Saturday and a small collection of cards to make before I head on back to Manchester - I have managed to find some time to write an entry while watching the closing ceremony and I have to say, so far I am very impressed! I knew Coldplay were coming along but the steampunk intro was pretty awesome.

So, I have finally started making my Christmas cards. I aimed to do at least 10 before I went back to university and with about a week left, I decided to dedicate yesterday to making cards. I got 15 made so I am already ahead of my target. And as a bonus, my room has not only returned to normality, I have more or less packed up my craft stuff, although I can't guarantee it will all stay in there during the week!

Coldplay are on!! XD

(I should probably apologise for my seemingly random outbursts, finding it a bit difficult to contain my excitement!)

I digress.

Today I also volunteered my services for my church's coffee morning. Well when I say my services, I donated some of my cards to sell. Unfortunately, I won't be there - first week back at university. 
So to aid my efforts of procrastination, I packed the cards today and made my PoS for them to sit in (and to store them in), just because a plain ol' shoebox wasn't enough.
To do this, I wrapped up an old shoebox in some pretty wrapping paper.