Wednesday, 31 July 2013

CAS-ual Fridays

Now, lets see if I can remember how to do this. After starting these challenges last summer, as soon as I got back to university I didn't have time and eventually completely forgot about them. So it's high time that I got back to doing them!


This week's challenge was to create a card which featured a number. Funnily enough, I had only this morning found out it was one of my friend's birthday today and not only that but his 21st. I always like to highlight important birthdays - making sure that an 18 or 21 etc features on the card somewhere. Therefore, I decided to make a 21st Birthday card although I have no idea when we're going to meet up next and I have no idea how to get it to him - in this case it's the thought that counts!
I am also at that age of 21st birthdays - with my own coming up in October (scary scary!) so it's probably about time that I started to get some ideas together for special cards.

With my aim to make a male card, I used my 'Masculine' papers from Dovecraft.

My first card was a bit of an accident. I cut numbers out of patterned paper to use on my 21st card but I saw how I could also use the inverse for another card. Unfortunately(?) I had the numbers the other way around so instead of 21, it's a 12 but I think it still makes for an effective birthday card. I then finished it off with some chipboard shapes (from the same range) and a stamped sentiment. 

My second card (the one I actually planned to make) used the cut out numbers from the spotty paper. I then finished it off with patterned paper strips, another chipboard circle and a stamped sentiment.

I really like how I could very easily re make this card for a different age and use different paper to make a completely different card - using floral paper and and flower instead of the circle for a girlie card.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I've just created my first layout! 

On a slightly different note, following on from my last post, my new craft box (still needing a name by the way!) was put through it's paces. Well, it hasn't fallen apart yet although I've decided that it needs wheels or a lazy Susan (or even both!) underneath just to finish it off. Not only was I able to reach everything easily, it also makes tidying up easy as I can just close the drawers or put the stamp back in it's box and slot it into space as soon as I am done with it which therefore means, despite just making a couple of cards, my desk is as clear (if not clearer) as it was before I started. *insert victory dance here* 

We'll see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off!