Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Easel Cards

Good Morning!

Recently I was inspired to make some Easel Cards. I had seen them before and don't get me wrong, the ones I saw looked amazing, but I felt that they weren't really my style and far to elaborate. 

However, one of the projects in the latest issue of my magazine really inspired me to have a go. I even came up with a design then and there (but that's for another time, shhh). So, Sunday afternoon saw me scouring the internet searching for how to actually make these 3D cards and after sitting through a couple of YouTube videos and finding a couple of sites, I managed to make my first ever Easel Card.

It was so simple to make and would allow me to start working my way through my massive pile of paper/card and the envelopes that are given back to me (nothing wrong with a bit of recycling here and there!). This card, as you can probably guess, is a triple easel card. I had some tall envelopes spare so I made it to fit one of those.
I cut some cardstock in half lengthways, meaning I can make two cards from one sheet of A4. Folded it in half lengthways and when I opened it up, folded on side lengthways again, so that the edge came to the middle. As this is a triple easel card, I cut to folded side into three up to the centre fold. And then all I had to do was decorate.

The only other bit you have to remember is a stopper on the base of the card which will hold the easels in place. I chose to stamp a floral image and used sticky pads to raise it up enough to hold the easels up. I've seen some where the sentiment is used as well.

I did struggle to decorate the card but that was mainly due to finding papers and embellishments that matched the cardstock I started with. In the end, I opted for some felt and paper flowers and a stamped faerie image, coloured in with pen. I'll admit I was lazy when adding the sentiment and decided to use a peel off rather than stamp on but I think the silver, along with the glitter on the flower and the tiny butterflies just finishes it off.

I also love the way that these cards just fold flat, ready to go in the envelope.

I might make a tutorial for these when I make my next Easel Card (which will be very soon).