Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Christmas Challenge

So if you follow my blog (and I thank you for doing so!) or if you've found me on facebook, you may have realised that I'm not exactly being productive on the card front at the moment. Third year architecture is definitely taking its toll and I am only finding time to write at the moment because I'm waiting for printing to happen (grrrr). But enough about architecture! 

With horror, the other day I realised that I have around 20 days until university finishes for Christmas. And I had barely started my Christmas cards. And I have a lot to do this year due to the cohort of hikers that I have recently acquired!

I then decided that no matter what happens, I am going to make one Christmas card a day until the end of term which should give me enough cards to send to people. I started this on Sunday and am actually ahead of schedule despite not making any last night or the night before due to making more than one in an evening. The other benefit of this is making sure I get a break from stressing about architecture.

Speaking of stressing, I had a care package from home on Friday. I wasn't expecting it at all but when I opened it, my friends definitely gave me some funny looks. Glittery Christmas foam stickers have the same effect (if not a greater one) as chocolate! 

Tonight however, with final crits out of the way, I am having a craft-fest. I am breaking out the chocolate and the Christmas paper and even the Christmas music! 7 hours and counting . . . .