Wednesday, 13 November 2013

3D Cards: The Cascade

With it being a big birthday for my mum back in September, I of course had to do a special card and while looking for inspiration, I found a really unusual design that I just had to try.

When sorting through my craft stuff before I came back to uni, I found my oriental papers that I had completely forgotten about. This teamed with black card (because my stash of card stock is shocking), meant that I could create a really bold design. The red has got a bit of a pink tinge to it but I think it works really well. I accidentally cut both black pieces of card the same way even though they mirror each other. This meant that one side is white instead of black but I think it brightens the card up a bit rather than just having it completely black (well, you know what I mean!). I had some oriental peel-offs so I got to stick these to the paper and cut around them - a technique I really enjoy.

The message goes on a little piece of card that slots in the middle of the card. For this I just cut a rectangle of black card, decorated it with some patterned paper and finished it with a couple of peel-offs. Then, when it was time to write the message, I just used a white gel pen although I expect gold would also look really good.

I think I mixed my orientals with this card (tut tut) but apart from this, I would definitely say it's one of my favourite makes to date.