Monday, 30 December 2013

Hiking + Card making = Very Happy Emma

I'm really falling behind with these cards! This one dates back to the beginning of November. One of my best friends is really into hiking. I'm also really into hiking but he's REALLY into hiking. So a hiking themed card had to be done. The zig-zag card was perfect for this because is meant that I could create different levels of the card, in the same way that the land changes when you're climbing a mountain.

We had climbed Helvellyn (for me, it was the first time) a couple of weeks prior to his birthday so Swirral Edge was still fresh in my mind and this is what I based it on, complete with trig point. Impressively (or obsessively) on his part or mine, he guessed that it was Helvellyn. I added a paper person scrambling along the edge and as he loves his German Shepherd, she had to go in somewhere as well.
The compass was an afterthought. I wasn't sure whether it would be too much but I think it works well and helps to get rid of some of the grey. This was simply drawn on with pen and finished with a paper needle. To complete the card, I just added a birthday sentiment.

I loved making this card although I did get a little bit obsessive about it and spent most of an evening making it but I had never combined my two hobbies before (I don't think card making on top of a mountain is ever going to happen!) so I think I'm allowed to. 

He loved the card (although I think a lot of it was due to it having his dog on the front!) and a few weeks back, he commissioned me a couple of other cards, one of which based on this one, but those will have to wait a little while longer . . .