Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Climbing Commission

This birthday card was commissioned by the recipient of my hiking card for a fellow hiker and climber. The idea was that it was the same style as my previous one, except that this one would be a climber instead of a hiker. 

Not being a climber myself (at the time) I knew very little about the technical side of it - having now had a go, I realise the error of my ways but it's another card I'm proud of. The birthday girl also has a German Shepherd so it was requested that one made an appearance. I'm really pleased with the way the twine resembles climbing rope however, I would like to stress that this is NOT how you climb!

As with the previous card, this one is a zig zag and finished with a brown paper rock face. The climber and her dog are paper pieced and finished off with twine and a birthday peel-off sentiment.