Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Minions Are Taking Over!

Most of us have come across Despicable Me, in particular, those little yellow minions. The minions are very popular with my friends and recently I have been commissioned cards featuring them. Because they are some crazy characters, it opens up a whole load of ideas and essentially anything works, the madder, the better.

The first card was actually from last October and was a personalised birthday card. I wanted to imply the chaos wreaked by them so rather than having one minion on the front, I chose to show minions all over the place. These were paper pieced and the card was finished with a hand written sentiment and lots of stars.

My second card, more recently commissioned, was again for a birthday. The specification ("a purple minion doing something stupid please") was a little more specific but still gave me a lot of free reign over the design. As the birthday girl was a mutual friend, I was able to design something suitable. I don't think this minion actually looks that out of place slumped in this cocktail glass . . . .

The third card, for the friend who commissioned the previous one, was for graduation rather than a birthday. In a similar way to the previous cards (and almost all of my cards), this one was paper pieced and featured a purple minion wearing a mortar board. My friend, Min, has been regularly referred to as a minion, so this fit well.