Thursday, 6 December 2012

Coordinating Christmas

No, this entry isn't about getting organised and sorted for C-day - trust me, I am a long way off!

I want to share some of my Christmas card idea. In particular, those I have made using patterned papers. One of my biggest problems when walking into a craft shop is the inability to leave without finding a new pack of paper that I just have to have. I now have 3 big packs of Christmas themed paper: traditional (the usual suspects), modern (blues and purples and whites - probably my favourite of the three) and cartoony (so really bright colours and bold patterns).

 My first card is one I made with the third set of paper. This paper was covered with penguins and I decided to make them the feature of the card. I used a strip of the paper but cut around the penguin and instead of just gluing him down with the rest of the paper, i used sticky pads to make it look as if he was sledding out of the card. I then finished it off with a tree from the paper and a seasonal greeting.

This one is a design I did a couple of years back and will do it again. I used the modern papers for this as well as some dark blue paper I had lying around. I cut a strip away from the front of the blank, adding paper to the  inside and over lapping the star and the handwritten message. 

This last one was just made using patterned paper as it was. Again, from the modern paper, I cut it to shape, letting some of the pink card blank show through before finishing it with glitter glue snowflakes.

Hope I have managed to inspire some quick and easy cards!