Sunday, 2 December 2012

Craft Fairs . . . . A Learning Curve

Yesterday was my third craft fair but unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. Like the one in Prestwich, it was fairly quiet and the venue wasn't as conspicuous as Victoria Baths which is a shame but The Jellyfish Rooms is an up-and-coming project so hopefully, the next one will be even more successful.

This one was a bit different as well. At the other two fairs I attended, the tables were provided - which made my life easier. They weren't today but disaster was averted when dad bought up an old camping table and a Christmassy table cloth for me to use. 

So with my table over my shoulder and carrying my wheelie suitcase behind me, I set off on a surprisingly not frosty December morning. I got to the venue and found my spot.
The great (and annoying) thing about doing craft fairs for the first time is that it is a learning curve. It doesn't matter how many blogs etc, that you read about craft fairs, there is always more to be learnt at the next one that comes along.
Yesterday I learnt that having your table right by the door, despite me thinking that was a good thing, isn't that great. People who stopped to look were then blocking the entrance (the fair was in a couple of small rooms). I also noticed that the first thing most people did when they entered the room was look behind the door. I guess this could be to do with the fact my stall could be seen from down the corridor whereas you couldn't see the other stall until you actually came into the room. I think the phrase my primary school would use is 'letting the cat out of the bag'. 
Sitting by the door also made me the information point about there being more tables upstairs and normally by people who had just walked straight past my table without so much as a glance. I'm not bitter. Much. Seriously though, it would have been nice to sell more but I guess I'll do better next time. I would love to hear about other people's craft fair learning experiences!


I do have a few commissions to be keeping me busy though. I won't go into too much detail but I have had my first paper pieced commission recently. I will also be working on a couple of new ideas in the next couple of weeks. Now that I don't have any more craft fairs coming up, I can concentrate on crafting MY Christmas cards and, like every year, its December and I still haven't started. Some things never change!