Wednesday, 11 April 2012


My card making began with calligraphy. A wedding card to be precise. It was a simple design: a red card with a bit of handmade paper and 'congratulations' written in black ink outlined with a gold gel pen. I was so pleased with that card. The ink hadn't smudged at all and it looked really good. I had carefully sketched the messaged in pencil before applying my pen to the card. 
It wasn't until after the wedding's evening reception that I was told by my dad that I had spelt 'congratulations' wrong. I had missed the "r". 
That was in 2006 and though I've never forgotten it, It's never put me off.

Over the last few years, I moved away from calligraphy and embarked on what is now a hobby that is second nature to me. To this day I don't ever recall buying a card from a shop to give to someone. 

I guess I would be classed as an amateur, though I have in the past sold some of my cards and I hope to take them even further. My most recent excursion was a fundraiser at my halls of residence (a student card maker? Yes). A year to the day since Japan was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, my halls held a fundraiser. Naturally, I volunteered my services and made 60 cards to sell on the evening. The event was a success. As a whole we raised over £200 and over £40 of that was from my cards. 
My first taste of real success got the ball rolling, I was eager for more; and so here I am. I created a Facebook page for my little company, having already got a name and logo. To date I have as many as 32 people who like the page. Well, everyone's got to start somewhere!

This blog is to record my progress and to share some of my experiences of card making. It is not an advertising campaign, really just a diary.

Just in case anyone is actually out there and is interested or wants some inspiration for any projects: