Monday, 16 April 2012

International Stash and Kimonos

I am lucky enough to live across the hall from a girl from germany who's father owns a craft shop back in Hamburg. As well as being a very good friend (and very bad influence, may I add!), she brought me back plenty of stash after she learnt of my hobby. After Christmas I received a huge carrier bag full of papers and embellishments to use on my cards. Its always exciting to get new stuff to work with. Coming back to uni after Easter also saw me with some brand new papers and really really cute animal embellishments for me to use.
I've never really bought myself any embellishments to use as I find I am reluctant to use them because if I use them on one card, I won't be able to use them on another. I realise how ridiculous I sound, don't worry. Having said that, these animal embellishments are so cute I cannot wait to put them onto a card or two.
Usually, any embellishments I use, I make my self. I fairly recently designed my self a template to create little kimonos to attach to my cards. I found these to be so easy to make and I can easily spend an evening watching TV and making kimonos.
I found the best way to 'mass produce' them is to chose however many sheet of matching papers. For these ones, I used Eastern Promise from Dovecraft. Cutting out all the parts of the kimonos and them mix and matching them allowed me to make unique cards but also made a set of cards.

 If anyone would like the template, leave a comment and I'll upload my template and how to assemble the kimono.