Wednesday, 11 April 2012

An Evening of Crafting

Last night I spend the evening with a friend and fellow crafter doing what we do best. If I'm honest, it has been such a long time since I just sat down and made cards for no particular reason; normally there is a friend's birthday coming up or Christmas is around the corner, or in recent history, there has been a fundraiser to craft for. I never really realised how quickly time flew when I was sat with my stash of paper and embellishments and before I knew it the evening was gone and it was time to go home. 
Last night allowed me to use some of my new papers and experiment with new ideas. I recently bought myself some papers and chipboard shapes to make male cards. I seem to very rarely make cards for guys as, lets face it, they're kind of boring (the cards, not the guys!). Its always much more fun -not to mention easier- to make a really girly card with a gorgeous dress or beautiful flower bouquets on in. With guys, there seem to be very few things that you can do. With this in mind I treated myself to some new supplies and I have to say, the results were good, even if I say so myself. The typical male theme of course is sports and the papers I got allowed me to mix and match to create three sport related cards (not to mention all the others that can, and will, be made in the near future); rugby, football  and cricket. The pack included toppers, backing papers and boarders and the matching box of chipboard pieces widened my choice for design. All that was left to do was add a greeting. 

I must try to make time to sit down and make cards again for the sheer enjoyment of it, rather than finding time to make one for a special occasion.