Thursday, 21 June 2012

Green and Purple

As I am now home from university for the summer, last night I went around to my friend, Carole's for a second evening of card making. Overall, the evening could have been more productive: I made four cards in total, two of which we're made for the sake of making, while trying to think up what to make next. 

My first card was, finally, my Cheshire Cat card.
For this I decided to use really 'out there' colours to show how crazy this cat is. The face was made with purple paper, yellow paper for the eyes and some thin white card for the mouth. The detail was drawn in black pen. Like my previous Alice in Wonderland cards, I used the same font to write a suitable message.

The purple and green on this card gave me an idea for my next project . .

The Joker
This card took much longer to make than other cards but I think it was definitely worth it. I created a template and cut out the pieces on various pieces of coloured paper.  When cutting out his tie, I used black pen to define the edges and then ended up shading it in as well. To make it match, I added outlines and shading to his waist coat and jacket lapels. I like the way it makes it look like it's just come out of the comic books. I tried to use brads for the buttons but it didn't let the paper lie flat so I used more orange paper and black pen. I used foam pads for the tie and lapels to make them stand out from the front. This would definitely be a card worth making again, I can think of a few Batman fans among my friends, and with the new Batman film coming out soon . . . 
I may even had a closer look at other comic book heroes for more inspiration. 
A couple years ago, I made a birthday card for a comic book fan. For this, I simply found a suitable image, carefully cut it out and stuck it onto bright red card. I printed of a message and did the same. For the background, I found a section of a Batman comic, faded it slightly and printed it out. I tore of a corner and stuck it to the card front.
I then finished it off by decorating the envelope to match using more red card and the remaining comic book paper.