Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Fever

It wouldn't be right for me, being British, to not write something about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Yes, the bank holiday buzz hit my halls up in Manchester and as I write this I am sat watching the Jubilee concert after a day of making fairy cakes for our street party tomorrow. But enough of the festivities and more about the cards.
As it is the jubilee weekend, I felt the need to make some cards with a British flavour. However, I think I went off at a tangent slightly. From British to tea parties to Alice in Wonderland.

I began with the obvious one for a tea party: the Mad Hatter. Really simple, just a black card top hat with ribbon and that trademark label. You can't tell by the photo but I raised the embellishment using the usual foam sticky pads.
For the text, I cheat and open up a Word document. I have used this for a few of my cards. I write the message, choose the font I want to use and copy it on to my card. It's worked in the past and I'm sure it'll work in the future.

 After that card, the creative juices were really flowing, so much so that I had to jot my ideas down before I forgot them! Next up was the Queen of Hearts. This was done in much the same way: black card, red card, raised on foam pads and a greeting from Word. (The font used on these cards was Galeforce BTN). I was struggling with the dormouse card. I knew what I wanted but was totally lost for the message. In the end I went for a quote. Twinkle, twinkle,
little bat. . . .
I owe the tea cup template to the magazine I read, Papercraft Inspirations (I think I'm ok to mention them on my blog). 
I couldn't create a set of Alice in Wonderland without including the White Rabbit and as always, he was running late so what better message that one for a belated birthday? I used a brad and a bit of thread for his pocket watch flying out behind him. Feel the need to work my template for the next time. And yes, there will be a next time, hopefully with more characters - I'm still thinking of a way to do that cheeky Cheshire Cat . . . . . watch this space.