Wednesday, 4 July 2012

And an Even Busier Week

Yep, that's right. I have my work cut out for my this week - although, I'll be the one doing all the cutting! Some friends are in a band and every year they put on a charity gig to raise money for Kanzi Kibera, a schools project in africa. Anyway, we are very much involved with the band and the church who is raising the money and so, me and my friend, Carole, are selling cards. Which means we've got to make cards. Lots of them.

On Monday, I got started by doing some tea-bag folding whilst working through my 'Films I need to watch' list. If you haven't tried tea-bag folding, it's very fiddly but quick enjoyable to do. After folding for most of the day, I started to make some more top hats to put onto Mad Hatter cards (I was very organised and looked through my photos to decide which cards I could make lots of). Yesterday was all about the embellishments, as my supply of card blanks was running dangerously low after all the crafting I did at uni. I finished off by making some kimonos out of the origami paper one of my Japanese friends gave me as a present before she left.

Yesterday, I was able to get into town and buy those much needed card blanks (The Works is amazing for them!) and I was able to start  making the cards. 

I have just finished those (10 in total) and am about to start with my Alice in Wonderland cards and then move onto my silhouettes.

Busy day ahead! I will post photos later on when I have finished them all and I am admiring my handywork! ;D