Thursday, 19 July 2012


Last night, after a day of clearing and sorting through all my craft stash, I decided to reduce the amount of scrap paper I had in my box.
I hate throwing away paper which could still be used so I keep it in one of my shoe boxes (these are perfect for storing anything and everything!). I wasn't until I had this sort out of stuff, that I realised that I couldn't actually get the box closed. So I set myself a challenge which was to make a series of cards only using paper from my scrap box. I allowed myself to used toppers and stickers etc (I found I had an excess of those as well)
I ended up making five cards and unfortunately barely seemed to scrape the surface of my scrap supplies.

My first card was my first Christmas card of the year. I used the left over of a silhouette I used on a Christmas card a couple of years back. I created the card in a very similar way and finished it with some stars and a Christmas message.

As well as scrap pieces of paper, I had gift tags and patterned paper from my magazines in my box. I used some of these gift tags for my next three cards. For the pink flower card, I just used strips of patterned paper and card and finished it off with a 'best wishes' sticker. The cat topper was a label of some pj's, I think, and so had a hole in the top corner. I tied a little piece of ribbon around it and added a strip of paper and some butterfly stickers to finish.
My fourth card used the backing card from some bath smellies. I added the plastic 'bubbles' and a peel-off message to finish.

My last card used some patterned paper from my magazine. I backed the letters onto some gold card and added a piece of beaded thread as a final touch. I was hoping to used a heart shaped bead or charm but I didn't have anything like that.

I think, in order to keep up with keeping my scraps low, this is going to have to be a regular occurance. Otherwise, at this rate, I'll have more scraps than actual sheets of paper!