Friday, 27 July 2012

Card-lympics Day 1

As I am sure everyone is aware, today is the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games and also the first day of my Card Making Olympics. For the next 17 days (including today) I am going to create one sports themed card a day. I have limited my selection to Summer Olympic sports only but even then there are more than 17 so I have had to cut some out unfortunately. 

Today's event is the Triathlon. To begin with I wasn't sure how I wanted to make this card, except that it was going to have three on it. 

I didn't really want to make it too specific, I mean, how many people say that their sport is the triathlon? But I guess this card could be sent to any person who enjoys lots of sports.
I chose to make little images to represent the three parts of the event. Originally, I was going to make the card landscape but thought it looked good in portrait, and a bit different to how I would usually do it. For the images, I outlined them in black pen and finished them off with ProMarkers. 
Green was the first colour that came to mind for the card blank and I backed my images onto a strip of darker green to provide some contrast. Finally, I added a little ProMarker Union Flag to the top - after all, I am backing Team GB!