Thursday, 26 July 2012

Too much stash, too many cards

Time for this weeks entry. I feel that I need to do some proper posts as well as every week's CAS-ual Friday challenge. This of course means more cards, which can never be a bad thing!  However, I think I have reached that level of stash that any cards I make barely scratch the surface and my stock of cards is over 100 now (due to the not-as-successful-as-I-hoped charity gig). So until I can get rid of some of my stock . . . .
I am, however, taking part in my first craft fair. An on-line craft fair. If anyone is interested, the link is on my Facebook page.

I have made a card today though, a thank you card for my sister to send to her work experience employers.

She did experience with a housing/construction company and so wanted a card following that theme. I used mainly scrap paper (again) for the letters, hard hat and tape measure. I finished off the hard hat with black ink detail and the tape measure with some patterned tape.